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«PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal»
"PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal" is published since 01/02/2014. Until the middle of 2015 the journal was published in printed form with ISSN: 1339-4002.
Since April 1st, 2015 the journal is published only as an online publication. Online journal has ISSN: 2453-613X.

¹ 4 (October, 2015)
Published since
2014 year

Output information "PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal"
Issue was released at: 06-01-2016
Founder: Dr. Danilenko Vasiliy
Publisher: <AURORA GROUP s.r.o.>
Main editor: Sobakina Ol'ga Valer'evna, Doctor of Art History
ISSN: 2453-613X
Managing Editor - Zubkova Svetlana Vadimovna
E-mail: info@nbpublish.com
Phone: +7 (966) 020-34-36
Address of the editorial board : Kosicka 52, 82108 Bratislava. Slovakia
Url of Library : http://aurora-group.eu/library_tariffs.php

General music theory
P. 1 - 10
Music Aesthetics
P. 11 - 22
A history of musical culture
P. 23 - 52
Voice and choral ensembles
P. 67 - 77
Contents details