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«World Politics»
List of peer reviewers

Anis Bajrektarevic – Doctor of Political Science, Professor of International Law and Politics, Institute of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria;
IMC FachhochschuleKrems, Piaristengasse 1, Krems, A-3500 AT;
E-mail: anis@bajrektarevic.eu;

Shutov, Anatoliy Dmitrievich — Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Merited Scientist of the Russian Federation, Advisor to the Dean of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.
119992, Russia, Moscow, Ostozhenka 53/2 stroenie 1
E-mail: geopolitika10@yandex.ru

Fedyakin Aleksey Vladimirovich — Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Humanitarian Institute of the Moscow State University of Transportation Routes
127994, Russia, Moscow, ul. Obrazcova, d. 9 str. 2
E-mail: avf2010@yandex.ru

Frolov, Dmitrity Borisovich — Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor, Aide to the Chairperson of the Department of Computer Law of the National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI".
115409, Russia, Moscow, Kashirskoe sh. , 31
E-mail: fdb@mail.cbr.ru

Bocharnikov, Igor Valentinovich — Doctor of Political Sciences, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research Studies of the Moscow State Humanitarian-Economic Institute.
107150, Russia, Moscow, ul. Losinoostrovskaja, d. 49,
E-mail: bocharnikov@rambler.ru

Filippov Vasiliy Rudolfovich — Doctor of Historical Sciences, Senior Scientific Researcher of the Institute of Africa of the Russian Academy of Sciences
123001, Russia, Moscow, ul. Spiridonovka, d. 30/1
E-mail: fvrd@rambler.ru

Angela Di Gregorio — professeur de L’universite de Milano Dipartimento di Studi internazionali, giuridici e storico-politici
via Conservatorio, 7
20122 MILANO
E-mail: angela.digregorio@unimi.it
Web: www.dipeo.unimi.it

Anna Zadora — professeur de Maison Interuniversitaire de Sciences de l'Homme-Alsace 6 rue de Touraine5, allee du general Rouvillois 67300 Schiltigheim
67083 STRASBOURG Cedex
E-mail: anna_zadora@hotmail.com