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International relations
About the Journal

NotaBene Publishing present a new scientific journal "International Relations"

ISSN 2305-560X

Dear readers,

Today you can hold in your hands the very first issue of the scientific journal “International Relations”. This is a new monthly scientific journal, which is devoted to the topical issues of foreign policy, diplomacy, national security, political modernization of international relation and international conflict resolution. Its appearance is due to the cooperation of merited scientists and experts in the sphere of global politics of international relations, who represent the academic science (the Russian Academy of Sciences) and the higher education (Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov), as well as renowned Russian politics and diplomats, all of whom join their efforts for the sake of development of the Russian political science.

The goal of formation of this scientific journal is to provide our readers with all-inclusive information on the key events of international value, as well as to uncover and study the new tendencies of development in the global world, formation of the new world order, new platform and architecture for the international relations.

All of these goals remain topical nowadays. Today we can see that the existing system of international security is failing itself due to the imbalanced actions of various foreign political actors, and the world falls into the chaos of large-scale and local wars, ethnic, political and religious conflicts.

As it was shown by the war in Libya, and as it is now shown by the armed conflict in Syria, at the time when the competition among the world leaders for the power becomes more active, the regional conflicts easily overgrow their initial scale and lead to larger conflicts up to the continental wars. The world has entered a long streak of global instability, in which the key form of existence of the system of international relation becomes the “controlled chaos”, and the previously used methods of implementation of foreign policy become inefficient.

All of this becomes the ground for the development of modern political science, formation of novel approaches, concepts and doctrines of internatrional relations.

It is a difficult time we live in, the world changes rapidly right before our eyes.

The tempo and the speed of those changes is ever-growing, and the political regimes in the Middle East (Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, etc.) change rapidly, the states fall apart and the new states are formed at the African continent (Southern Sudan), leaders of the terrorist organizations (Brothers Muslims) become lawfully elected leaders of the states, which previosly actively prosecuted Islamists (Egypt), the Latin America “turns left”, France, which just recently took part in the war in Libya, now plans to leave the NATO. All of these call for new approaches to the modern international relations and for the new principles for the formation of the foreign policy, which would be capable of protecting Russian national interests and vales in the ever-changing world. The scientific journal “International Relations” shall contribute to finding solutions to these issues.

In this new political reality, which appeared after the end of global oppositiong between the USA and the USSR, the democratic Russia is at the crossing point of the interests of the leading global forces in the quest for global domination, such as China, the USA, the Islamic World (both the Shiah and the Sunni), etc.

In this situation Russia needs something more than just a modernized foreign policy, which is tied to the specific conditions of global development. It also needs complete modernization of the existing foreign political concepts and doctrines, it is necessary to find the principles for the formation of the new unions and alliances, to use the resources of real and potential allies fl exibly, to reevaluate the new priorities and reference points, to form new methods of infl uence on the global political processes. Formation of a new scientific journal, which is devoted to the international relations and to the newest processes of their political modernization, is aimed to facilitate achievement of these goals. We hope that the journal shall serve as a platform for the scientific discussion, and it shall assist development of the new measures and methods of implementation of the Russian foreign policy, which shall be both efficient and suitable for the current situation.

As an academic scientific journal, “International Relations” shall pay great attention to the fundamental studies in the sphere of global policy and international relations, to the issues of theory and methodology, conceptualization of the new approaches to the peaceful resolution of international conflicts, institutionalization and propaganda of the values of the Russian civilization. The board of editors of this journal follows the objective scientific principles and believes in historical conditionalism.

As a resource for the foreign policy, the journal “International Relations” is aimed to support the process of formation and acceptation of decisions in the sphere of foreign policy by the Russian leaders and those participants of international relations, who share the position of the board of editors of this journal. In addition to this goal the journal is aimed to form and to provide a positive image or Russia for the foreign targeted audiences, to provide information and analytical support for the foreign political course of Russia and its foreign political actions, for the facilitation of development of civil society and information society in Russia. We also hope that the journal “International Relations” shall unite the progressive forces, which are interested in the future of Russia as a great state. We hope that it shall become a platform for the discussion and for the generation of novel scientific ideas, give a new impulse for the development of theory of international relations and of the Russian political science as a whole. In the perspective we hope the collective of authors and readers of the journal will become an authoritative expert society in the sphere of international relations and global development.

We are glad to welcome you, dear readers, to our journal, and we are looking forward for interesting, sparkling and highly topical articles in the sphere of international issues. We are calling upon you to unite our efforts on the way to progress and to develop the Russian political science together!