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«Law and Politics»
About the journal

Founder - Vasily Danilenko - PhD in Political Sciences. E-mail: 

Chief editor - Denis Danilenko - Doctor of Law Sciences (Universite d’Aix-Marseille III, France), Docent of Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov Internationl Center in Geneva, Chief editor of the "Law and Politics" and "International Law and International Organizations" Journals.

V. I. Danilenko

Publisher: “NB-MEDIA” Ltd.

Principal Editor
V. I. Danilenko

Chief editor
D.V. Danilenko

Executive editor
K. N. Lapteva

Executive editor, the head editor of Department of the financial, bank and tax law
V. A. Dementiev

The head editor of the Department of sociology and legal philosophy
L. A. Krichevsky

The head editor of the Department of history of the state and theory of law
G. G. Tartyshny

The head editor of the International Law department
A. N. Sutenina

The head editor of the Department of criminology, criminal law and criminal legal proceedings
G. A. Korepanov

The head editor of the Department of review, critics and bibliography “BIBLION”
V. A. Dementiev

The translator: K. N. Lapteva
The proofreader: N. Y. Tushnova
Layout and design: P.M. Samsonova