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Politics and Society
About the Journal

The monthly scientific journal of academic character “Politics and Society”is one of the leading Russian journals of socio-political topic, intended for lawyers, political scientists, sociologists, demographists, culturologists, and philosophers. Among its main topics are: state institutions and civil society, public safety, conflict and consensus, local self-governance, communities, human and labor, migration and integration, human and environment, cultural heritage and legislation transformation, morals and politics, demography and statistics, and social research and monitoring.

The journal metadata is integrated into the system of Russian Science Citation Index. The journal is a part of the reference database European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences ERIH PLUS – the largest system of European citation indexing for humanitarian sciences.

Journal’s directions correspond with the following disciplines of the Classification of Scientific Specialties: political sciences – 23.00.00, sociological sciences – 22.00.00, juridical sciences – 12.00.00.