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R.N. Parkhomenko J. Habermas on the concept of freedom

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2013-5 in rubric "History of political thought", pages 641-648.

Resume: Jürgen Habermas (born in 1929), a famous German philosopher, devoted much of his attention to freedom and democracy in his works. According to his beliefs, the forming of public opinion becomes possible not in the form of compromise, but in the form of open public discussion, focused on rational acceptance of rules within the system of common interests and values. The subjects of Law are not their own property, nor they are isolated parts of a whole - the people, but individuals who achieve moral acceptance of each other during the process of communication, which ensures social integration of autonomous individuals. Speaking of the personal freedom of an individual, Habermas doesnt only mean a consensus between different interests, but the correlation of ethnic self-identification and legal justice.

Keywords: Political science, freedom, democracy, French revolution, Habermas, liberalism, Law, right, sovereignty, equality, people

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2013.05.13

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