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Yurasov, A. A. About Contradictions of the Flow of Time

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2014-2 in rubric "Space and time", pages 173-179.

Resume: The subject matter of the research presented in this article is the flow of time as the transition of events from the future to the past via the present. Time has both static and dynamic aspects. The flow of time is the dynamic side of time. Metaphorically, the flow of time can be presented as the change of events in the present and their gradual movement to the past. Philosophicalresearchofthisphenomenonmust not be limited to the description at the metaphorical level. It is highly necessary to understand the essence of the flow of time and offer an approach to the formalized description of this phenomenon. The author of the article offers an approach to studying the flow of time as a contradictory phenomenon. According to the author, many philosophers believed contrariety to be the key characteristic of the flow of time. The author emphasizes the need for researches of the dynamic aspects of the subjective time in order to understand the essence of the flow of time as well as to solve the problem of objectivity of the flow of time. The author describes the main properties of the preset (now). He also concludes that the essence of the flow of time is determined by the contradictions between the two properties of the present, synchronism and duration. The author also formulates the argument of the continued presence and proves that the flow of time has a subjective meaning (it exists only in our minds and therefore the flow of time is not the element of the objective time).

Keywords: flow of time, subjective time, time and consciousness, cognitive frames, temporality, dynamic concept of time, static concept of time, mental presence, perception of time, paraconsistent logic.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2014.2.10707

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