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Shugurov, M.V. Cooperation between Russia and the World Bank in the sphere of innovative development: strategic goals and perspectives.

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2014-7 in rubric "Administrative and municipal law: business, economy, finance", pages 646-664.

Resume: The article is devoted to the analysis of one of the directions of the Russian international innovation cooperation, namely, interaction with the World Bank. The author concentrates on the substantiation of importance of integration of Russia into the efforts of the Bank in the sphere of promotion of knowledge and experience, which it has accumulated in the sphere of facilitating development of national innovative systems. Special attention is paid to the studies of the promotion policy of the World Bank for the innovative development of Russia within the context of due regard for the priorities of national innovative, social and economic policy. The article studies the forms of innovative cooperation and its institutional organization. Special place is provided to the characteristics of the expert activities of the Bank as an independent evaluator of the shortcomings of the Russian innovation policy. The author also pays much attention to the studies of the regional policy of the Bank in the sphere of innovations and application of its cluster policy in the Russian conditions. The author provides an overview of the results of innovative projects implementation. The article is based upon the comprehensive studies of the strategic documents, which serve as the basis for the cooperation between Russia and the Bank in the said sphere. The author also uses comparative method for characterizing, firstly, the stages of cooperation, and secondly, for revealing the possible perspectives. In addition the analysis structure involves use of the “knowledge base” concept and its implementation in the process of innovative cooperation between the Bank and Russia. The scientific novelty of the article is due to the systemic analysis of interactions between Russia and the World Bank in the sphere of innovations at the level of project activities and expert consultative activities. Based upon the analysis of current and planned projects the author draws a conclusion on the presence of an innovative elements in many of them. The article singles out the multi-sector approach of the Bank to the innovation development, which corresponds to the interests of Russia, involving innovative development of all of the social spheres. The author concludes that one of the perspectives of the said cooperation is the possibility for Russia to become an international donor for the organization of innovation development.

Keywords: international innovation cooperation, World Bank, innovative system, innovative community, expert activity, innovative projects, cluster policy, competitiveness, diversification of economics, human capital.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2014.7.12294

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