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Poyarkov, S.Y. Problems of implementation of the concept of constitutionalism at the supranational level

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2014-7 in rubric "Logic and cognition of political processes", pages 824-836.

Resume: The object of this study is the process and conditions for the formation of constitutionalism at the supranational level of social relations. The need to understand the process of formation of constitutionalism at the supranational level is due to the fact that the process of constitutional development is to a great extent defi ned by the processes of globalization and denationalization in the conditions when the state remain the main subject of international relations. Taking into account that constitutionalism is a special system defi ning the form of organization and dynamics of the political force in the interactions between state and civil society, the supranational level duplicates this mechanism of constitutionalism formation. It causes problems regarding legitimacy of power, sovereignty of the state and human rights at the national and global levels. The methodology of this study involves systemic approach as a combination of methods and means of multidimensional idea of constitutionalism as a globalization phenomenon. The study defi nes that the problems of formation of constitutionalism at the supranational level are caused by the absence of comprehensive ideological fundamentals for the political and legal associations of autonomous independent formations due to the insuffi cient formation of constitutionalism structures at the global scale. In the modern society the formation of supranational constitutionalism is caused by, fi rstly, the need for the institutional systematization of the development processes in the existing system of international relations in order to form the situation when effi cient political activity catalyzes social change. Secondly, it is due to the need to limit the activities of the existing subjects of political power and to form novel institutions while preserving the sphere of autonomy for states or other subjects. Thirdly, it is necessary in order to complement and strengthen internal constitutional guarantees.

Keywords: Constitutionalism, political system, political power, state, globalization, constitutional order, systemic approach, global order, integrity, civil society.

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2014.7.11595

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