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Troshchinsky, P. V. Administrative Reform in China: Political and Legal Aspects

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2014-12 in rubric "Management law", pages 1264-1270.

Resume: This article is devoted to research into political and legal aspects of the administrative reform carries out by the leadership of China since 2012. It points out the key objectives of the reform, which are reduction of administrative authorities and the number of their staff, reduction ad simplification of authorization procedures, and delegation of some powers to local executive authorities. The objective of the administrative reform is not only reduction of the costs of maintaining the administrative staff, reduction of the number of authorization procedures and administrative barriers, but, most importantly, support for the economic transformation carried out in the country. To achieve that, the procedure of opening and further developing small and medium-sized business in China is seriously simplified, barriers to sourcing investment into the countrys economy are removed. In incomplete two years of reform in China, the special economic zone was open in Shanghai, hundreds of authorization procedures were abolished, the number of administrative staff was reduced. All this has the most positive effect on the social and economic development and internal political stability of China. The article uses the comparative legal method, formal logic, historical legal and special legal method. It analyses the specifics of the administrative reform in China. The scientific novelty of this research is in the analysis of the administrative reform carried out in China through the lens of the political and legal aspects. It makes the conclusion that reduction of administrative barriers, the number of authorization procedures makes it possible for the Chinese entrepreneurs to get more actively involved in the economic life of the country, open and develop their businesses, which greatly increases employment levels, thus soothing down the social tension in the society. Reduction of the number of ministers and administrative staff significantly reduced the financial burden of the central and local budgets.

Keywords: administrative reform, politics, legal system, administrative law, Chinese law, comparative legal science, combat against corruption, administrative barriers, legislation, executive authority.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2014.12.12735

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