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Karpovich O.G. The "Umbrella Revolution" in Hong Kong: The Signs of a Colour Revolution

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2015-4 in rubric "Political conflict", pages 543-548.

Resume: The present article shows the results of an analysis of the events that took place in Hong Kong in September and October 2014, accompanied by mass unrest and disorders among the local population (mainly, among students, which was later followed by locals of other age groups), when the protesters held the financial quarters (the protest "occupation" of the territory), clashed with the police, called for the resistance against the power of the "Greater China" and demaned the resignation of head of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong in an ultimative manner. The methodology of the research is based on system, structural-functional, comparative political and problem approaches, methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, observation, analogies and modelling.The article demonstrates that the events in Hong Kong, known as the "Umbrella Revolution", have all the signs of a colour revolution and highly correspond with the scenario of the colour revolution in Ukraine in 2014, when as a result of a coup the regime of president Yanukovich was overthrown. Attention has been paid to the schemes and features of the organisation of the youth campaigning, nomination of the leaders of the protests, information and propaganda support of the directed unrests in Hong Kong and Kyiv, both of which are certainly of deliberate and non-spontaneous nature.

Keywords: politics, society, security, colour revolutions, Hong Kong, Ukraine, the Umbrella Revolution, political stability, democratic elections, protests

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2015.4.13571

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