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Garaev A.A. Disposal of goods kept in holding with the breach of set time

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2015-5 in rubric "Administrative process and procedure", pages 488-493.

Resume: The subject of the research is the goods which have been under customs supervision for a long period of time. The goods kept in holding are sometimes put under customs supervision with the violation of the set time. In order not to keep such goods endlessly, actions should be taken to launch them out of the storehouse and to dispose of them. The disposal can be implemented in three ways: on the base of civil, administrative, and customs law. On the base of the study of different ways of disposal the author notes the positive and the negative sides of each of them. The author outlines the difficulties of realization of this procedure due to the certain regulations discordance with each other. Each of the branches of legislation contains special procedure of such goods disposal. The article studies the procedures of disposal specified in different branches of legislation and compares them in accordance with their results and methods. The author compares the procedures, notes their advantages and disadvantages. The main procedure is recognition of goods as waifs. This procedure takes a lot of time and not necessarily leads to the recognition of the property as ownerless. The use of more simple “administrative” procedures is limited. The courts not always confiscate such goods, not all the types of administrative offences entail sanctions in the form of confiscation. The implementation of international regulations of customs legislation for the disposal of arrested goods is neither implemented due to the absence of the authorities of the Federal Agency of State Property Management. Moreover, there are unsolved contradictions and gaps in customs legislation, particularly according to the issue of reimbursement of expenses in case of destruction of arrested goods since it is presupposed that the expenses will be covered by law-abiding individuals. 

Keywords: detention, customs control, confiscation, holding, destruction, the Federal Agency of State Property Management, disposal, expenses, holding, owner

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2015.5.13446

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