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Dubovik O.L., Barysheva K.A. A Review: M. Babayev, Y. Pudovochkin. The Problems of Russian Criminal Policy. Moscow: Prospekt, 2014. - 296 pp.

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2015-6 in rubric "Biblion", pages 729-733.

Resume: The topic of the reviewed book is criminal policy, criminal legal policy, the concept of contemporary Russian criminal policy. The monograph defines the place of the criminal policy in the system of criminal legal sciences, justifies the separation of notions 'criminal policy' and 'criminal legal policy', defines the correlation between criminal law and criminal statute. The authors examine the major functions and aims of Russian criminal policy, based on which they draw conclusions regarding its contemporary state. Relying on the conducted comprehensive study, the authors suggest the mechanisms of elaboration of a modern concept of criminal policy. The methods of the study are based on a complex of techniques and approaches, that include sociological and statistic methods, as well as general scientific and particular methods, e.g. comparative legal, historical, comparative methods, and also methods of observation, analysis, synthesis, generalisation, etc. The novelty of the book lies in the fact that it performs a comprehensive study of the notion of criminal policy and influence of different factors on its implementation; it kustifies the conclusion about the necessity to create a concept of criminal policy. The authors also examine troublesome effects of applying criminal law, which have not drawn enough attention in literature yet. The study of such negative features should be taken into consideration when elaborating and implementing any decisions in the field of criminal legal crime prevention.

Keywords: criminal policy, concept, criminal legal policy, criminal statute, data support, efficiency, criminal statistics, review, monograph, criminology

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2015.6.15615

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Zhalinskiy A.E. Ugolovnoe pravo v ozhidanii peremen: teoretiko-instrumental'nyy analiz. M.: Prospekt, 2008. S. 5

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