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Bocharnikov I.V. Prospects forming a Russian national ideology, considering the crisis of the Anglo-Saxon model of liberal democracy

Published in journal "Conflict Studies / nota bene", 2015-2 in rubric "Discussion", pages 164-170.

Resume: The article analyzes the reasons for the consolidation of Russian society in the environment of anti-Russian sanctions by the US and EU, that has predetermined the increase in the confidence of the citizens in the head of state and the legislative and executive power.At the same time, the rating of the leaders responsible for the implementation of anti-Russian sanctions, has shown steady decline, in contrast. The article presents sociological data confirming this trend. The reason for the contrast in the dynamics of citizens' trust in their leaders and the public authorities of their respective countries does not only stem from different positions regarding the defense of national interests, but also the crisis of the actively-enforced Anglo-Saxon model of liberal democracy.The methodological basis of the research is a systemic, structural and functional, comparative political approaches, methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, observation.The most important specifics of the contemporary development of the majority of the world community is the consolidation of position of state-oriented organizations and movements.It is concluded that the role and importance of the reception of traditional values is growing, as well as the role and authority of the state in addressing critical issues of life of Russian society.

Keywords: interests, democracy, color revolutions, hybrid war, state, patriotism, society, politics, values, security

DOI: 10.7256/2409-8965.2015.2.15785

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