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Sakaeva K.U. Evolution of the “moral damage” concept in Russian legislation

Published in journal "The Union of Criminalists and Criminologists", 2015-3 in rubric "Civil Law. Business Law. Family Law. International Private Law", pages 310-316.

Resume: The “moral damage” concept is central to studying the institution of moral damage compensation, which is understood as sufferings, physical and moral distress, caused by unlawful actions, and is considered as an independent institution of personal moral protection. The concept under consideration includes the moral categories which have been forming together with the society and known for centuries. Undoubtedly, these concepts had undergone evolutional changes, but their essence remained unchanged: evil, morality, culture, etc. The research methodology includes dialectics, abstraction, analysis, synthesis, deduction, the formal-legal, comparative-legal, statistical methods and the intersectoral method of legal studies. In labor law, moral damage should be interpreted as causing physical and moral sufferings to the employee in the result of the violation of labor legislation by the employer, which had led to the deformation of labor relations and require compensation in any form: money, compensation services (reimbursement of expenses for education), or optional (depending on the capabilities of the employer). 

Keywords: Civil legislation, Morality, Compensation, Entity, Republic, Crime, compensation, Moral damage, Civil Code, Psychophysical being

DOI: 10.7256/2310-8681.2015.3.20541

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