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Lozhkovoy P.N. International responsibility for remote sensing of the Earth: legal realia

Published in journal "Space research", 2017-3 in rubric "Space Law", pages 228-235.

Resume: Remote sensing principles, as well as the 1967 Treaty on Outer Space, require the state to be internationally responsible for space activities. The author analyzes the current international legal instruments regulating this sphere. The author supposes that the peculiarities of international space law in general are applicable to the responsibility for remote sensing. The responsibility covers both space activities and its consequences on the Earth. The author studies the issues of property responsibility of the subjects of international law and analyzes the practice of the bodies of international justice in this sphere. The research methodology includes the dialectical method of cognition. The author also uses general scientific methods, such as comparison and analysis. Besides, the author uses specific methods of jurisprudence (comparative-legal and technical-legal). The scientific novelty of the study consists in the fact that the author outlines the essential need to broadly interpret the provisions of international space law determining the nature of both international and civil responsibility for such space activities. The author emphasizes poor specification of the concept of damage caused by remote sensing of the Earth in the doctrine of international law.

Keywords: international organizations, UN, space, space activities, international responsibility, The Treaty on Outer Space, remote sensing, international justice, space law, international law

DOI: 10.7256/.2017.3.24431

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