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Ogurtsov, A. P. System of values within the corporative culture: methods and results of the research

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2009-1 in rubric "Axiology: values and relics", pages 0-0.

Resume: In the first place, globalization processes deal with intensified penetration of the international walls, raised role of transnational transfers of the capital, information, services and human resources, with the newly formed virtual space for communication and global information networks and finally with the new ideology, globalism. Globalization is usually associated with the objective tendency of the transnational corporate economy to arise. With this approach, objective processes of culture globalization are eliminated from both scientific and commonplace senses. Meanwhile, globalization processes do not only become part of this or that countrys culture, but also form new cultural values and personal systems of values. These processes have become the theme for research not only abroad but also in our country.

Keywords: philosophy, axiology, system of values, corporative culture, transnational corporation, globalization.

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