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ADS of the thermal engineering networks with the use of additional capabilities regulated by the intellectual components.
Sorokin Oleg Leonidovich

student of the Department of Information and Computing Systems at the Volga State University of Technology

424500, Russia, g. Ioshkar-Ola, ul. Medvedevo, 52
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There is currently a functional expansion within the ADS systems (automatic design systgems), allowing for the implementation of new capabilities. One of such solutions allows for the forecasting in the sphere of engineering networks, including thermal ones. The object of study is the Automatic Design System for the Engineering Networks ( ADS EN), which is based upon the intellectual components for the automatised systems. Intellectual components within the ADS are implemented via programming modules involving fuzzy logic, and they are orientated towards the use of the frame architecture databases. Functional capabilities are aimed at modeling the processes within the engineering networks, achievement of efficient energy consumption, detecting trouble zones, showing irrational arrangement of the heating units. These goals are key goals and they require primary attention, however while studying ADS EN, there turned out the need for inclusion of the screen forms achieving a number of secondary goals. These secondary features of the ADS EN include provision of the entire range of advise on the protective contour, forecasting based on situation modeling of the contour condition considering the external influences and passage of time, etc.

Keywords: inference rules, frames, intellectual components, protective contour, heat exchange, forecasting, modeling, database, engineering networks, ADS EN



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