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Ideological Factor in Interstate Conflicts of the New World
Popova Liudmila Leonidovna

Popova Liudmila Leonidovna, Ph. D. Student, Saint Petersburg State University, Department of International Political Processes

194291, Russia, Saint Petersburg, ul. Rudneva, 3/1, kv. 11





The subject of the research is the ideological aspects of interstate conflicts in the Pan-American regional subsystem of international relations. The author analyzes the dynamics of conflicts between the USA and Cuba, USA and Venezuela, and Venezuela and Columbia in 1991 - 2015. In the 1990s Latin American states had ideologically homogenous political regimes united by the aim to transfer to representative democracy and market economy. However, the situation changed in 1998 when Venezuela was governed by the left-wing natinalist forces that held uncompromising attitude towards the USA policy in the region. In the XXIst century Venezuela's active foreign policy often became the cause of interstate conflicts in the New World. To analyze the dynamics of international political conflicts, the author of the article refers to the restrospective analysis of the newest political history of the Latin American and USA countries. The author concludes that at the end of the XXth - beginning of the XXIst century the New World still face conflicts that were mostly caused by different ideologies. These conflicts happen between states oriented at different models of socio-political development (socialistic or liberal conservative), thus political ideas and values make a matter of conflicts. 

Keywords: U.S.-Cuba relations, international relations, Venezuela, USA, Cuba, ideology, interstate conflict, Hugo Chavez, Colombia-Venezuela relations, Barack Obama



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