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Theoretical and Applied Economics

Evolution of the concept of justice in economic science of the late XX century
Eremenko Evgeniya Aleksandrovna

post-graduate student of the Department of Taxes and Taxation at Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

109456, Russia, Moscow Region,  Moscow, str. the 4th Veshnyakovsky Proezd, 4, room No. 313





The subject of this research is the development of the concept of justice in economic science at the time of emergence of the modern theories of justice. The object of this research is the leading philosophical concepts that became the foundation for determination of the notion of justice in economic science at the current stage of its development. The goal of theoretical analysis lies in identification of peculiarities in evolution of the notion of justice under the influence of liberal philosophical view. Special attention is given to examination of John Rawls’ concept of justice as the most reputable of all modern theories. In the course of this work, the author applies the methodology of scientific theoretical study, with the use of systemic approach. A conclusion is made that the substantial influence upon the perception of justice was brought by the socioeconomic and political factors of the existence of society; and the achievement of justice in economic sphere is possible only when the merest change in wellbeing of one individual does not diminish wellbeing of another while maintaining the moral-ethnical grounds of the society.

Keywords: evolution of justice, principle of equity, justice in the economy, Amartya Sen, Robert Nozick, John Rawls, theory of justice, equity, concepts of justice, economics and justice



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