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Recognition of juridical persons subjects of the constitutional right to appeal
Savoskin Aleksandr Vladimirovich

PhD in Law

Judge's adviser at the Statute Court of Sverdlovsk Region

620000, Russia, Sverdlovskaya oblast', Ekaterinburg, ul. Pushkina, 19
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Romanov Aleksei Nikolaevich

PhD in Law

620114, Russia, Sverdlovskaya oblast', g. Ekaterinburg, ul. 8 Marta, 62, kab. 661


This article analyzes the amendments to the Federal Law "On the order of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation", to set the rules of legal entities refer to the bodies of state power and local self-government. The role of the Constitutional Court in giving organizations the constitutional right to an appeal. The reasons for the establishment of the existing two-part complex regulatory structure "treatment of citizens' associations, including legal persons", as well as studied the problems of its use. Analyzed foreign legislation subject to the legislation on the organization of appeals.
The publication has been prepared on the basis of general scientific dialectical method. Special methods used in the preparation of the publication, are: system-structural, formal and legal, logical and comparative law.
The study found that the change in the Federal Law "On the order of consideration of applications of citizens of the Russian Federation" was of the forced nature and were carried out without proper scientific justification, resulting in the law were unrevealed concept and features of the organization as a subject of the constitutional right to an appeal. The paper proposes to establish normative definition of treatment will of the organization as an association of citizens or legal persons set out in writing or formulated on a personal reception of the person authorized to represent the organization.

Keywords: proposal, statement, organization, association of citizens, entity, right to appeal, applicant, appeal, complaint, law of appeals



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