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Modern approach to the concept of national security
Sheykhov Magomed

PhD in Law

111020, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Ukhtomskaya, 16, kv. 9


In recent years we have witnessed a fundamental changes in the understanding of security, and in many ways these changes affect each of us.
Today Russia is fighting in Syria, the Russian military are present in the Donbas, extremely tense relations with Turkey. Almost every day in the news there are reports about clashes involving migrants, especially in European countries. Boeing with Russian tourists, crashed last October over the Sinai Peninsula, shows that at any time and in any place possible mass terrorist attack.
We see that the classical war as a threat to national security today is less likely for the average man in comparison with the danger of clashes with migrants or the possibility of a terrorist act.
What is national security today? How to ensure security not only at national but also at the mundane level? How to reflect these in legislation? These and other questions are the subject of this article.



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