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Constructing the Function of the Demand for Goods and Services Under the Conditions of Pricing Information Asymmetry
Mednitskii Aleksei Nikolaevich

post-graduate student of the Department of Computer Studies and Computing Mathematics at Samara National Research University

443011, Russia, Samarskaya oblast', g. Samara, shosse Akademika Platonova, 1


The subject of the research is the anlaysis of consumer behavior under the conditions of insufficient information about the prices of goods and services. The improved competition model in the economic theory implies that participants of the market process have an equal or full access to information about the prices of goods and services. However, in reality it is impossible to obtain information about all participants of market relations. For this purpose, it is very important to construct the functon of the demand for goods and services under the conditions of pricing information asymmetry. The methodological basis of this research includes elements of the economic theory, discrete mathematics, probability and information theories. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author constructs the model of the demand for goods and services under the conditions when a consumer does not have enough information about consumer prices on the market. One of the most important conclusions of the article is the proof that asymmetry information can explain the demand of companies that establish the price higher than the market price. Another important result of the research is the description of the process of constructing the model of the demand for goods by individual sellers. 

Keywords: demand function, information asymmetry , demand for goods, pricing asymmetry, separated demand function, individual demand, demand of individual sellers, individual consumer demand, market information, imperfect competition



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