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On some issues of ensuring tourism security within the system of national standards
Samokhin Anatolii Aleksandrovich

PhD in Law

Director, JSC “Kubantehsnab”

350007, Russia, Krasnodar, Dumenko Street 8, office 226



This article is dedicated to the examination of some issues pertaining to ensuring tourism security within the system of national standards of the Russian Federation. The author believes that introduction and development of the new generation national standards in the area of tourism is one of the principles of realization of improvement of the legal regulation of tourism. The adoption of national standards contributes into the process of unification of the conceptual framework in this field. The author also notes that implementation of measures on ensuring tourism security must not limit the rights of citizens to leisure, freedom of movement, and other travel rights.  An effective legal regulation of tourism is possible in providing a complex approach towards this service sector. The proposed services must correspond with the safety norms, as their quality aimed at international standards. This will allow ensuring inclusive security in providing travel services, as well as preserve the environment in a good ecological state.

Keywords: security, tourism, system, national standards, environment, Russian Federation, services, classification, provision, issues



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