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“Impressions” by Pancho Vladigerov for the Piano
Fedotova Valeriya Nikolaevna

PhD in Art History

Senior Scientific Associate, State Institute of Art Studies

120090, Russia, Moscow, Troitskaya Street 9, building #1
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The genre palette of the heritage of Bulgarian composer Pancho Vladigerov is extraordinarily broad, and includes instrumental works, vocal miniatures, chamber opuses, large-scale symphonic oeuvres, as well as compositions for the musical theatre. Many directions which he pursued in his creative work were new to the Bulgarian culture. His music emerged in the 1920–1930’s in Europe, and the composer himself was one of the popular authors of the “Universal Edition” (Vienna), which published almost all of his oeuvres written within this period. A special place in the composer’s heritage belongs to piano music – separate pieces, and over thirty cycles created during the period from 1914 to 1978, among which is “Impressions” (1920, opus 9). In the course of the analysis of the cycle, the author was guided by the specificity of stylistic analysis, as well as other analytical methods of musicology. In the music of “Impressions”, we can note not only the symbolic, but also romantic and neoclassical features, which are associated with the peculiarities of “accelerated development” of the Bulgarian culture. Perhaps this has left an imprint upon the composer’s artistic individuality, in whose heritage we can find diversity of characters, emotions, as well as bright picturesqueness of the sound characters.

Keywords: Bulgarian music, impressionism, Claude Debussy, music of the XX century, Geo Milev, piano cycles, toccata principle, miniature, piano music, Pancho Vladigerov



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