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Хасянов О.Р. The dynamic of size of the collective farm peasantry of the mid-Volga village during postwar quinquennium

Published in journal "Genesis: исторические исследования", 2017-6 , pages 95-100.

Resume: The subject of this research is the transformation in size of the collective farm peasantry of Ulyanovsk Region during the first postwar quinquennium. It is a known fact that in the prewar period peasantry represented one of the largest social groups of Soviet society. Thus, the biggest losses during the time of Great Patriotic War fall onto this particular social group, which later will become one of the causes for demographic crisis of the rural areas and Russian society. During the course of this work, the author applied the methods of comparative analysis, which contributed in reconstruction of the process of population change among the collective farm peasantry. The scientific novelty is defined by the choice of the subject of the research and territorial frameworks. The collective farm peasantry of Ulyanovsk Region did not attract due attention among scholars, and the modern historical science does not have special works that examine the process of dynamic of size of the collective farm peasant population of Ulyanovsk Region during the postwar period. Heuristic potential lies in the conclusion that in the demographic processes of the postwar mid-Volga village, the demographic transition begins manifesting earlier than in the central region.  

Keywords: population decline, population recovery, demographic transition, consequences of the war, collective farm, size of population, collective farm peasantry, Ulyanovsk Region, demobilization, working population

DOI: 10.7256/2409-868X.2017.6.21777

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