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Study of electric drive used for moving a riding cutoff valve in a turbogenerator control system
Iureva Radda Alekseevna

PhD in Technical Science

graduate student, Department of Safety of Information Technology, St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

197701, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, Kronverkskii prospekt,, 49, kab. 231
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Kotel'nikov Yurii Petrovich

PhD in Technical Science

Senior Lecturer at ITMO University 

197101, Russia, Saint Petersburg, ul. Kronverkskii Prospekt, 49
Maltseva Nadezhda Konstantinovna

PhD in Technical Science

associate professor of the Department of Technogenic Security Systems and Technologies at ITMO University (Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics)

197101, Russia, St. Petersburg, str. Kronverkski Prospect, 49
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Vedernikov Kirill Alexandrovich

Master's degree student of the Department of Technogenic Security Systems and Technologies at ITMO University

197101, Russia, Saint Petersburg, str. Kronverksky Prospect, 49
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Proper functioning of a turbogenerator set depends on continuous functioning of the system of regulation and protection of valves of a steam turbine. Proper functioning of a turbogenerator set is important in the case of accident threat caused by the increase of turbine rotation speed over a particular value within the operational range with insensitivity maximum 0,5% of an average operational rotation frequency. The protection of a steam turbogenerator set is guaranteed by cut-out, control and back-flow valves. By a signal of a sensor element of protection, a turbogenerator can be stopped by closing cut-out valves of a high-pressure and an intermediate pressure cylinders or their control valves and a grid valve, or simultaneous closing of the above mentioned cut-out and control units. Such a system operates on the basis of an automated system used for support of the key regulated parameters of a turbogenerator in electric load and heat load modes. The authors of the article study electro-mechanical drive used for moving a riding cutoff valve in a turbogenerator control system. The authors describe the requirements to it. Based on dynamic characteristics of the electro-mechanical drive produced by the joint company “Diakont”, the authors construct a model of a control system, which guarantees the emergency shut-down mode operation. The protection control system structure guarantees the independence of its operation from the condition of a turbogenerator control system. 

Keywords: turbogenerator, technogenic safety, control system, non-operating mode, roller drive, electric motor, mathematical model , mechanical performance, riding cutoff valve, electro-mechanical drive



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