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Economic Assessment of Corporate Confidential Information
Raimov Artem Vladimirovich

PhD in Economics

post-graduate student of the Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

143044, Russia, Moscow Region, settlement Sidorovskoe, str. Zapadnaya, 262


The subject of the research is the mathematical-and-statistical tools that are used in the process of quantitative evaluation of economic and financial consequences of the loss of corporate confidential information. Experts in information security can carry out a qualitative analysis and evaluation of the importance of such information but they cannot do the quantitative evaluation that has financial and economic equivalents. Thus, quantitative evaluation of the information value when analyzing the risk of an information security incident is a very nettlesome problem. In this article Raimov describes different types of the information resource value. He also offers a method to define the full value of the corporate information asset and evaluate the weighted average cost of information. As an example, the author analyzes a development laboratory planning to develop a new plant. The result of the research is the quantitative evaluation of the confidential information value, in particular, information asset of the aforesaid development laboratory in a monetary equivalent. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author offersh is own method that allows to transfer the qualitative evaluation into quantitative without any particular requirements. The main conclusion of the research is that in the process of collecting the information asset, it is necessary to keep a balance between the quality and amound of information on the one hand and the value of information on the other hand. 

Keywords: information asset, information resource, information security, information, quantification, estimates of value, types of value, cost, confidentiality, information protection



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