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Задорожняя О.А. The Steam Fleet of the "Comradeship of the West-Siberian Steamship and Trade» (1898-1917)

Published in journal "Исторический журнал: научные исследования", 2017-3 , pages 167-178.

Resume: The relevance of this research lies in the fact that modern historical literature practically does not discuss the topic of the formation and replenishing of the river fleet of business companies, which is reflected in the unilateral approach of analyzing the activity of capitalists’ associations. The subject of this research is the steam fleet and its qualitative characteristics, which were the foundation for the "Comradeship of the West-Siberian Steamship and Trade" to have the leading position in carrying out river transportation from 1898 to 1917. The article's aim is to highlight the specifics of the process of "acquiring" steamships by the river association with the consideration of the technical and qualitative characteristics. The study focuses on the characteristics of the steam fleet, the dynamics of its numbers, reflecting the general trends in the development of steam transport in Russia. The research is based on the chronological approach and the analytical method, as well as the principles of scientific objectivity and historicism. The study's results can be used in the field of studying the economic history of the outskirt territories of the Russian state. The novelty of this study is that it introduces for the first time to scientific the use unpublished sources on the history of the largest shipping company, Ob-Irtysh Water Basin. The particular contribution of the author to the development of the named topic is the indication of the question of the formation of the river boat part of the "Comradeship pf the West-Siberian Steamship and Trade" in view of their technical characteristics. During the research process, the author discovered that the shareholders in the course of their activities focused not on the acquisition of the newest types of steamboats, but on the repair and reconstruction of old ships, which was cheaper.

Keywords: steamer, river fleet, Ob-Irtysh Water Basin, steam boiler, chassis, steam engine, capacity, power, river, shareholder

DOI: 10.7256/2454-0609.2017.3.22338

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