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Мельникова Н.А., Васильева Э.В. The management of sociocultural projects in modern university

Published in journal "Человек и культура", 2017-2 , pages 41-48.

Resume: The subject of this study is the sociocultural practices of a university and their impact upon the city's cultural agenda. The work examines the new functions of modern universities that are meant to support the development of cultural activities in various forms of sociocultural and experimental practices, which allow discovering the potential for self-realization and self-identification of the students and urban residents. The authors underline that in the educational institution young people acquire the essential sociocultural experience, which in future will significantly influence the formation of their system of values, as well as the further activity, including professional. The article summarizes and analyzes the experience of management of sociocultural projects in Omsk State Technical University, focusing on the experience of using folk culture in fashion projects. The research is based on the sociocultural approach: the study of institutional and non-institutional aspects of social life. Culture is viewed as the main prerequisite and condition for the development of institutions, while personality – as the prerequisite for formation of its non-institutional structures. The main results of the study include the following: sociocultural practices and projects of a university should be “addressed” to the regional and city community, since the universities in modern world have a great impact upon the development of city activities, and called to form the active communities and change cultural agenda. Organizing such topical sociocultural events requires referring to the existing content of world culture and actualization of the cultural codes, which defines their importance in development of the youth subcultures. Thus, the research is aimed at identification of the mechanisms of the effect of such changes upon the urban culture.

Keywords: studenthood, design, media support, management, sociocultural practices, cultural code, culture, Siberian ethnicity, performance, fashion

DOI: 10.7256/2409-8744.2017.2.22458

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