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The Image of a Patriot: Points of view
Iakovlev Roman Olegovich

post-graduate student of the Teaching Department at Murmansk Arctic State University

183074, Russia, Murmansk Region, Murmansk, str. Captain Orlikova's, 4, ap. 43


In his article Yakovlev analyzes different opinions on the understanding of the term "patriotism". First of all, the author touches upon the position of contemporary government and their view on patriotism. Further, the author provides an overview of the definitions of patriotism in classical dictionaries as well as in the works of Russian thinkers of the past and the present. Based on a comparison of the presented definitions, the author creates the image of a patriot. The image obtained is compared to the image created on the basis of analyzing answers of high schools students on questions about personal qualities of a patriotic citizen. In his research Yakovlev has used such research methods as analysis, synthesis, generalization, systematization and survey. The result of the research is a generalized image of a patriot of modern Russia compiled on the basis of a comparative analysis of the opinions examined. According to the author of the article, it is necessary to study the key concept of patriotic education and take into account the experience of patriotic upbringing in Russia in order to plan educational work at educational organizations.

Keywords: fatherland, spiritual guidance, national idea, educational organization, patriotic education, image of a patriot, patriot, patriotism, love for one's motherland, qualities of personality



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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