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Analysis of the Russia-China relations at modern stage (in the eyes of Chinese)
Tan Vei

PhD in Philosophy

Doctoral Candidate, the department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies, University of Beijing

100007, China, Beijing, Jheyan Street 5


The subject of this article is the Russia-China relations, the political and philosophical comprehension of which becomes increasingly relevant. The author meticulously reviews such aspect of the topic as the development of dialogue between the Chinese Confucian civilization and Russian Orthodox culture that in many ways encourages the support of the civilizational and cultural variety in the region and prevention of the “civilizational clash”, which manifests as an important factor for the prospects in development of the Russia-China relations. The author believes that the development of Russia-China relations is currently a priority political goal of PRC. The article suggests that the modern Russia-China relations represent the continuation of Russia and China transnational contacts of the previous decades. Summarizing the analysis, the author claims that at the brink of the XX-XXI centuries, certain changes took place in the relationship between the two countries – their positions equalized in overall power, but they both look forward to the close strategic cooperation and partnership.

Keywords: Cultural diplomacy, Economic expansions, Political mentality, National security, National interests, Strategic partnership, Cooperation, Russia-China relations, Russia, China



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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