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The role of music education in distribution of the system of academic traditions and establishment of its regional version: in the context of "center-periphery" problem (on the example of Yeniseysk Governorate
Tsareva Evgeniya Sergeevna

PhD in Art History

Educator, the department of Orchestral String Instruments, Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts

660049, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Lenina Street 22





The subject of the research is the processes of conception and establishment of music education in Krasnoyarye over the period of existence of Yeniseysk Governorate (1822-1925), which were designed to ensure the preservation, translation, continuity, and reproduction of new to the Asian part of Russia European academic traditions. Special attention is given to the examination of the role of professional music education in “construction” and successful performance of the regional version of the system of academic art, and its adjustment to the provincial circumstances, using the example of Yeniseysk Governorate. The author particularly refers to the issues of cross-cultural interaction and spread of the single-type culture onto the large geographical areas, depicted in the works of D. S. Likhachev and Y. M. Lotman, comprehending the pages of the Krasnoyarsk music chronicle through the prism of their certain ideas. Analysis of the regional material from the sociocultural perspective, leads to new conclusions in the study of historical events. Consideration of the role of professional music educational institutions in development of the European traditions and establishment of the provincial academic in the context of the binomial "center-periphery" significantly expands the methodological base of historical regional studies and outlines the new relevant paths in understanding of the problems of regional culture.

Keywords: Yeniseysk Governorate, cultural dialogue, region, periphery, center, music education, culture of European type, music academic traditions, Krasnoyarsk, National Conservatory



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