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Directions of law-making in the sphere of administrative liability for the breach of the social constitutional right to housing
Neganova Ekaterina Nikolaevna

PhD in Law

Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Problems of Prosecutor's supervision and legality enhancement in the sphere of human and civil rights and freedoms of the research and development center of the Academy of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation 

123022, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. 2-Ya zvenigorodskaya, 15
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The research subject is the range of norms of housing law, contained in the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation, aimed at the protection of citizens’ rights against bureaucratic arbitrariness in the sphere of the social constitutional right to housing. The author states that the current compositions of administrative offences on the federal level don’t guarantee proper protection of the realization of the social constitutional right to housing. This fact speaks for the insufficiency of housing law with regard to the necessary administrative sanctions. However, the provisions of the Administrative Offences Code, containing the description of the compositions of administrative offences in the sphere of housing law, are disorganized and chaotic. The author formulates scientific conclusions based on the collection, generalization and analysis of judicial decisions of the courts of different levels and the materials of prosecutor’s practice contained in the reports, newsletters and information letters of the prosecutors of the Russian Federation and other levels for 2005 – 2016. The author also uses the comparative-legal method to analyze the provisions of administrative and housing law. In order to eliminate the legislative gaps in housing law, it is necessary to formalize the right to improved housing and the registration of those needing housing, thus guaranteeing citizens’ constitutional rights to housing. The administrative offences compositions system in the sphere of the right to housing, contained in the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation, should be structured in accordance with the general fundamentals of law and constitutional law. 

Keywords: different categories of citizens, Russian citizens, stateless persons, foreign citizens, rental agreement, sanctions, administrative liability, right to housing, housing rights, social housing resources



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