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Factors of formation of the Russian-speaking community in Israel
Moshkova Tatiana

Postgraduate at the Department of Theory and History of International Relations of Saint Petersburg University

199034, Russia, Leningradskaya oblast', g. Saint Petersburg, nab. Universitetskaya, 7-9
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The research subject is the peculiarities of the Russian-speaking community in the State of Israel. The author studies such aspects of the topic as the character of ties forming in the community of the Russian-speaking population of Israel. Special attention is given to the factors promoting the formation of a unique identity of the representatives of “Russian Israel”, the main stages of evolution of the Russian-speaking community in the political life of Israel and the formation of the Russian-speaking media space in the State of Israel. It is reasonable to consider the Russian-speaking community as a long-term phenomenon, which at the present time is an important actor on the political stage of the country. The main research methods are the system approach, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the complex analysis of the “Russian Israel” phenomenon on the basis of original sources. The author concludes that among the factors of consolidation of the Russian-speaking community of Israel were territorial localization, preservation of the cultural environment of the country of origin, a special status of the Russian language in Israel and its place in the media space, support for various community symbols and the socio-political development program. 

Keywords: integration, subculture, repatriates, media space, Russian street, Russian-speaking community, Russian language, The State of Israel, self-identification, Russian lobby



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