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Evaluation of the efficiency of the subject of public control in the Russian Federation
Koryagin Petr Andreevich

Scientific Associate of the department, post-graduate student,  North-West Institute of Management  of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

199178, Russia, St. Petersburg, Prospekt Sredniy 57, office #232
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The study of the problems of the implementation of public control practices involves the formation of new challenges and approaches that meet the requirements of modern political time. The operationalization of many components related to the analysis of the infrastructure of public control – its object and subject institutions, mutual capabilities, authorities, areas of responsibility, interaction areas, and components related to the evaluation of control results – is the key challenge for the modern researcher. The subject of this article is the construction of a model for assessing the efficiency of the subject of public control in the modern Russian Federation. As a methodology for the development of a model for assessing the efficiency of public control, the method of construct interpretation is used. This is manifested in the use of the methodology for assessing the efficiency of the activity of a particular research object (in the context of the subject matter – the subject of social control) from economic theory and management theory, where the approach towards evaluation of efficiency through the ratio of the result to the resources is traditionally used as a basis. As a key methodology for analyzing the activities of subjects of public control and their respective ranking, comparative analysis is used. The use of the proposed model will allow operationalizing the infrastructure of public control to assess the efficiency of the control subject, and draw conclusions about the components in which, based on the relevant measurements, it is worthwhile to make regulatory modernization or reorganization in the activity of the subject of public control at all levels of its work in the processes of institutionalization of public control in the modern Russian Federation.

Keywords: institutionalization, model, resources, productiveness, productivity, civil society, efficiency, public control, subject of control, object of control



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