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Блейх Н.О. Educational trends in the work of the founder of Ossetian literature Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov

Published in journal "Человек и культура", 2017-2 , pages 64-72.

Resume: The subject of this article is the creative heritage of Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov. Based on the archival research and documentary materials examined his life and educational legacy. The author carefully examines the pedagogical beliefs of the thinker, who not being a pedagogue, made a significant contribution into the spiritual heritage of the Caucasian nations. Special attention is turned to his views on questions of national education in South Ossetia: the expansion of chain of schools, didactic principles of teaching, training of national personnel. Methodology if this work is presented by the philosophical terms of correlation between the social development and education regarding the historical and social consituation of pedagogical thought, as well as tole of personality in history. The conducted research demonstrated that Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov was a critic of the existing system of education and upbringing of the young citizens, offering his original view upon the structure of the new school. The conclusion is made that the idea of Kosta Khetagurov on the development of school learning are still relevant and have great practical value.

Keywords: culture, enlightenment, mountain peoples, educational views, national education, literary activities, Kosta Khetagurov, North Caucasus, intelligentsia, education

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2013.02.6

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