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Philosophical Thought

Obstacles standing in the way of sustainable development of the society
Nemtsev Ivan Anatol'evich

post-graduate student of the Department of Global Studies and Geopolitics at Siberian Federal University

663690, Russia, Krasnoyarskii krai, g. Zelenogorsk, ul. Sovetskaya, 5a, kab. 6





The majority of works of the Russian and  foreign scholars dedicated to sustainable development give particular attention to the conceptual ideas, modelling of social structure, separate components, strategies of transitional period, etc. But usually do not mention the difficulties of practical implementation of this idea. This article attempts to critically analyze the possibilities of implementation of sustainable development of the society in practice. The goal of this work lies in determination of the key problems standing in the way of global sustainable development of the society. It achievement is realized on the basis of geopolitical methodology, grounded on the principles of geopolitical dualism, regulations on humanity as a global interrelated and self-developing system (global evolutionism), as well as the principle of universal connection of the events, principle of development, and others. The author determines and substantiates the three most impactful obstacles impeding the sustainable development: lack of the universal concept; decline in the pace of globalization; and human consciousness as a factor of social development. A conclusion is made that overcoming of these three obstacles allows establishing the “sustainable” society in practice.

Keywords: Socio-natural development, Global civilization, security, globalization, society, sustainable development, Coevolution, Noosphere, Planetary consciousness, Synergetics



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