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Pyotr Polevoy as the Commentator of Ivan Goncharov
Pyrkov Ivan Vladimirovich

PhD in Philology

associate professor of the Department of the Russian Language and Culture of Speech at Saratov State Law Academy

410056, Russia, Saratov, Chernyshevsky's str., 135, of. 4a, of. 202
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The article is devoted to the reception of Ivan Goncharov's creative writing by Pyotr Polevoy whose three-volume edition 'The History of Russian Language Arts' has become a rare book nowadays and therefore is very seldom viewed by modern commentators. The author of the article focuses on those thoughts and conclusions of Pyotr Polevoy who personally knew the author of Oblomov that allows to see the figure of Ivan Goncharov in a new light and to understand the most sophisticated aspects of a creative portrait of the great novelist, in a word to better understand Goncharov's creative legacy. The methodological basis of the present research is the analysis of little-known literature sources, in particular, The History of Russian Language Arts written by Pyotr Polevoy. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author brings forth unknown interpretations and remarks made by Pyotr Beisov, the researcher of Ivan Goncharov's life and creative writing in Pyotr Polevoy's edition of The History of Russian Language Arts held by the famous researcher of Goncharov in his personal library in Ulianovsk. The author of the present article proves that many private remarks made by Pyotr Polevoy regarding the narrative method of the author of Oblomov are of great importance and value for modern studies of Goncharov's life and creative writing.

Keywords: memory, original manuscript, Oblomov, interpretation, Pyotr Beisov, creative writing process, academic traditions, Ivan Goncharov, Pyotr Polevoy, history of Russian language arts



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