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The concept of just war in the theory of international relations: reception of the ideas of H. Grotius in the works of M. Walzer and H. Bull
Volkov Anton Sergeevich

Post-graduate student, the department of Political Analysis, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University; Graduated Master’s Program at MSU and University of Manchester

119234, Russia, Moscow, Leninskiye Gory 1


The goal of this work consists in description of the key conceptual positions of just war in the works of H. Grotius, Michael Walzer and Hadley Bull. The author comes to a conclusion that M. Walzer and H. Bull share the idea of H. Grotius on the necessity of the rules for war, law and right to war, and thus counterpose themselves to both, the Hobbesian (political realism) and Kantian (liberalism in the theory of international relations) traditions. However, H. Bull cannot be unambiguously considered the supporter of the just war concept, due to the fact that there is no clarity in understanding of which criteria must obtain the just war. Thus, the lack of unity among the authors regarding the criteria of just war is the important issue for the theory. The article examines the history of emergence and evolution of the just war concept in the works of different scholars; determines the key moments in the works of Michael Walzer; demonstrates the evolution of just war concept in the ideas of English school and its founder Hadley Bull. Despite the expectations of such thinkers as Francis Fukuyama about the end of history, the wars around the world have not stopped, whether it is war in Iraq, Syria, or Ukraine. Each party involved in the conflict claims its fairness, which makes the topic of just war especially relevant at present time.

Keywords: Hobbesian tradition, political realism, Grotianism, just war, English school, global politics, international relations, Kantian tradition, right to war, justice after war



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