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Peculiarities of legal regulation of judicial review in the French Republic
Solovyev Andrey Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Law

Deputy President of the Commercial Court of Moscow region, Doctor of Law, Professor at Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Professor at Moscow State Pedagogical University 

107053, Russia, g. Moscow, Prospekt Akademika Sakharova, 18
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The piece studies the issues of legal regulation of judicial review in the French Republic – a state with a highly developed system of administrative jurisdiction. The topicality of this study is determined by, among other things, the appearance of a new codified procedural legal act – the Administrative Procedure Rules – within the Russian legislative system. This act contains the chapter 21 “Proceedings on administrative cases about the contestation of normative acts and acts interpreting the legislation and having regulatory power”. Using the methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison, specification, generalization, the author analyzes the constitutional provisions, related to the problem under consideration, and analyzes the procedure of judicial consideration of a priority problem of defining the constitutional nature in case there are any reports about the provision of law breaching rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. The author studies the functioning of a three-stage mechanism of such judicial review. The first stage is realized by any judicial authority subordinate to the Council of State or the Court of Cassation. Within the current judicial procedure, a litigating party has the right to bring up an issue about the violation of the constitutional rights and freedoms by a particular provision of law. The second stage takes place in the Court of Cassation or the Council of State, which decide about submitting of the priority problem of defining the constitutional nature of the judicial act to the Constitutional Council. The third stage consists in submitting of this priority issue by the Court of Cassation or the Council of State to the Constitutional Council, which decides, whether the considered provision of law is constitutional or not. Particular attention is given to the problems of participation of the Council of State in the law-making process and judicial review. 

Keywords: law making process, foreign experience, judicial system, problem of defining the constitutional nature, the Court of Cassation, the Council of State, the Constitutional Council, the French Republic, administrative legal proceedings, judicial review



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