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Reliability of aluminized integrated circuits
Mustafaev Gasan Abakarovich

Doctor of Technical Science

Professor, Department of Computer Technologies and Integrated Circuits, Kabardino-Balkarian State University

360004, Russia, respublika Kabardino-Balkarskaya, g. Nal'chik, ul. Chernyshevskogo, 173, kab. 122
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Mustafaev Arslan Gasanovich

Doctor of Technical Science

Professor of the Department "Information technologies and information security" of the Dagestan State University of National Economy

367015, Russia, respublika Dagestan, g. Makhachkala, ul. Ataeva, 5, kab. 4.5
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Cherkesova Natal'ya Vasil'evna

PhD in Technical Science

Associate Professor at Kabardino-Balkarian State University

360004, Russia, the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Nalchik, ul. Chernyshevskogo, 173, of. 122
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Aluminium with its alloys is the basic material of integrated circuits metallization. Use of VLSIC toughens the requirements to the parameters of metallization, which determine its reliability, such as surface resistance, step coating quality, number and sizes of tension-caused voids, and electromigration tolerance. Poor quality of metallization is one of the most dangerous defects in semiconductor technology of integrated circuits. Electromigration can cause failure when passing high-density current through metallization. The materials have been tested in order to estimate the intensity of metal resistance variation caused by electromigration. Based on the results of these tests, the authors conclude that geometrical factors play a dominant role in the mechanism of erosion of integrated circuits metallization caused by electromigration. With regard to the tests, the authors formulate recommendations about the transition from the sputtering technique to evaporation deposition. 

Keywords: semiconductor, electronics, technology, electromigration, aluminum, circuit, metallization, connection, silicon, reliability



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