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Political-electoral structure of the Russian speaking community of Israel
Moshkova Tatiana

Postgraduate at the Department of Theory and History of International Relations of Saint Petersburg University

199034, Russia, Leningradskaya oblast', g. Saint Petersburg, nab. Universitetskaya, 7-9
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The subject of this research is the status and role of the “Russian” political movements and parties in the State of Israel. The author meticulously examines such aspects of the topic as the establishment of the communal party policy in the State of Israel, formation of the “Russian lobby” and its activity during the first decade of its existence (1992-2003), new generation of the “Russian lobby” (2004-2013). Attention is given to the analysis of the role of Russian speaking community within the political processes in Jewish state in the early XXI century. The specific feature of this work is the application of hermeneutic approach; the author also refers to the general scientific procedures, including analysis and synthesis, inductive and deductive conclusions. The scientific novelty consists in implementation of the comprehensive analysis of the “Russian lobby” phenomenon in Israel. The key conclusion lies in the statement that at the present stage there are the following models of lobbying of interests of the “Russian street” of Israel: creation of narrow-sectoral communal party, development of the “Russian” parties with Israel accent, and use of resources of the national parties.

Keywords: political party, Russian lobby, repatriates, Russian street, Russian speaking community, Russian language, State of Israel, political movement, Knesset, electoral barrier



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