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Questions on the Genesis and Essence of the Ideology of Russian Nationalism in Modern Russian Studies
Stukalov Petr Borisovich

PhD in History

Senior Research Associate, Voronezh Institute of Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia

394072, Russia, Voronezhskaya oblast', g. Voronezh, ul. Irkutskaya, 1a


The subject of this article is the current state of scientific research focused on the questions of the genesis and essence of the ideology of Russian nationalism. The author places emphasis on the relevance of this issue, as well as the complexity and inconsistency of the phenomenon of "Russian nationalism." Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the differences in the study of this problem between the studies of the Soviet and modern eras. The author investigates the reasons for the intensification of the research interest in the questions concerning Russian nationalism at the present stage and describes the main dissertation research results regarding this issue. Additionally, the author identifies the main research approaches that exist for the study of the emergence of modern Russian nationalism and its essence. The methodological basis of this article is formed by the set of methods characteristic of historiographic research, of which the main ones are: the comparative-contrastive, systematic and socio-cultural methods. The article presents the following conclusion:
1. In modern dissertation research, not only the question of the essence, but also the existence of Russian nationalism as an independent ideology has not been unambiguously resolved.
2. The study of the ideology of Russian nationalism is characterized by the methodological imperfection that has not been overcome to this day, which is due, on the one hand, to the application of largely scholastic schemes of Western constructivism and instrumentalism, and, on the other hand, to the influence of the former approaches of Soviet historiography.
3. Russian nationalism is an independent ideological phenomenon that is characterized by an amorphous ideological content, subject to the influence of socio-political conjuncture, but, at the same time, is based on the fundamental idea of the existence of the Russian nation as an independent and unique historical phenomenon.

Keywords: ideological amorphism, marginal political ideology, structural crisis, genesis determinants, collapse of the USSR, right-conservative ideology, Soviet social science, genesis of Russian nationalism, ideology of Russian nationalism, historiography



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