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India and Pakistan: wars, conflicts, their settlement and consequences
Dikikh Alina Aleksandrovna

PhD in Politics

Lecturer at Kirov Military Medical Academy 

194044, Russia, Saint Petersburg, ul. Akademika Lebedeva, 6
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The author outlines and studies the origins and reasons of wars (of 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999) and conflicts between India and Pakistan from 1947 till the present time. The author considers the role of the UN Security Council in the settlement of armed conflicts between the countries. Among the key reasons of confrontation between the states, the author outlines the struggle for the territory of Jammu and Kashmir, religious contradictions, disputes over water resources, India’s interference in the conflict between West and East Pakistan in 1971, nuclear tests from 1974 till 1998, struggle for the Siachen Glacier from 1984 till 1987, repeated crossing of the Line of Control by Pakistani troops, etc. The research methodology is based on the historical method, comparative, structural-functional and system analysis, synthesis, induction and deduction. The author emphasizes the existing tension between the countries, caused by religious contradictions, differences in economic situation in the countries, the unsettled territorial dispute over the demarcation Line of Control, China’s influence on the Pakistani government, which aggravates the contradictions between the countries and the possibility of its reduction through the participation of the countries in the SCO. 

Keywords: armed conflict , prevention, conflict, war, Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan, India, hostilities, military strategy, United Nations Security Council



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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