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Agile technologies in software development of decision support systems
Tikhanychev Oleg Vasilyevich

PhD in Technical Science

Deputy Head of Department, Company group "Technoserv"

111395, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Yunosti, 13





The subject of the study is the process of developing software for automated control systems. Object of research - methodologies for organizing software development. Automation of management is a universally recognized promising direction of increasing the efficiency of the application of complex technical systems. First of all, automation, organized by the principle of decision support systems. The basis of the effectiveness of any automated system is its software. First of all, this applies to application software. The development of such programs entails certain difficulties, primarily organizational ones. Generalized analysis has shown that in the world practice there is a rather wide range of methods for organizing the development of programs. These methods can be divided into two large groups with respect to the algorithms used for "hard" and "flexible" ones. Each of the approaches is effective for certain conditions of work. The article analyzes the factors influencing the effectiveness of applying a particular methodology, synthesizes suggestions on the appropriateness of using different methodologies in different conditions of the development process. The analysis showed that for the development of automated decision support systems, the use of "flexible" approaches is most effective. In the article features of Scrum technology are considered, as a typical implementation of "flexible" methodologies. Conclusions about the expediency of its application in the development of application software for automated decision support systems are formulated

Keywords: development process organization, DMSS, software development technologies, software, automated systems, decision support, control automation, flexible technologies, Agile technology, Scrum development method



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