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Переверзева М.В. Aleatory form and number: from chaos to an order

Published in journal "Культура и искусство", 2017-8 , pages 34-42.

Resume: Object of research is the aleatory form in 20th century music organized by means of numbers and numerical rows which are mainly specially composed by authors of works. Using numbers and rows as constructive determinants, composers solve a problem of forming of works with the mobile musical text and structure. Special attention is paid to concrete works and their internal organization, making a mobile form united. The main conclusion of the research is the fact that the aleatory principle influencing forming demanded application of additional musical and extra musical resources of form organisation, and the numerical method was one of the most effective. The novelty of a research consists in descovery the organizing numbers and rows hidden in the musical text and not mentioned earlier by neither composers, nor researchers, externally itself, sometimes, not showing in any way.

Keywords: row, organisation, number, chance, form, composition, aleatory, music, piece, composer

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2013.03.1

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