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Organization of leisure activities for children and youth as means for preventing legal violations in the early 1960’s
Slezin Anatolii Anatol'evich

Doctor of History

Professor, the department of History and Philosophy, Tambov State Technical University  

392032, Russia, Tambovskaya oblast', g. Tambov, ul. Michurinskaya, 112, kab. 313
Abstract. The object of this research is the establishment of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (Komsomol) that celebrates 100th anniversary in 2018. The subject of this research is the peculiarities of organization of leisure activities for children and youth in first half of the 1960’s, when the union practically crossed the “equator” of its historical path. The main sources used in this work as the materials from the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History, State Archive of Socio-Political History of Tambov Oblast, as well as the highly classified “Codes of Rules” that initially were distributed in small circulation into the republican and regional Komsomol Committees. The author reviews Komsomol as a sociocultural phenomenon of the XX century, as well as illustrates that in the time of “Thaw”, the center of attention in activity of the Komsomol organizations was reoriented towards satisfaction of all increasing requests and interests of the entire Soviet youth. In public consciousness, Komsomol was associated with the interesting and valuable organization of leisure activities, which played a substantial role in prevention of legal violations among young men and women.
Keywords: Social beginnings, Sport and labor camp, Young attendants of police department , Labor camp, Military and sport camp, Teenagers club , Komsomol, Leisure activities, Youth, Prevention of legal violations
DOI: 10.25136/2409-868X.2017.9.24016
Article was received: 27-08-2017

Review date: 27-08-2017

Publish date: 19-09-2017

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here.

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