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International law regime of technology transfers for support of sustainable farming: content and strategic foundations (within the frameworks of the scientific project No. 17-03-00400 supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
Shugurov Mark Vladimirovich

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor at the Department of International law of Saratov State Law Academy

410056, Russia, g. Saratov, ul. Vol'skaya, 1, of. 621
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The object of this research is the international legal grounds of international technology transfers that ensure the shift of the agriculture towards the trajectory of sustainable development. The author examines the combination of general issues of international character, upon the solution of which is aimed the international legal regulation of technological cooperation of the states. The article also meticulously reviews the provisions of the framework international documents of political legal character, that are directly or invertedly associated with the international agreements that establish the regime of transfer of the agricultural technologies in the context of achieving the goals of sustainable development. A significant place in this study belongs to the analysis of the varieties of transferred technologies, as well as demonstration of the actual mechanisms that can lead the cooperation of the states and all interested partied to the efficient execution of the international legal obligations in the examined sphere. The scientific novelty lies in the system disclosure of the international legal norms and mechanism that comprise the content of the international legal regime of technology transfers, as well as determination of its complex character. The author concludes that despite the certain fragmentarity, such regime depends on the synergetic execution of the international legal obligations pertinent to the other means of ensuring the sustainable development – financing, formation of potential, and development of global trade.

Keywords: conventional mechanisms, green revolution, climate change, eradication of hunger, international cooperation, developing countries, agriculture, technological gap, sustainable development, international law



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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