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"You Are Road Crew..." (from the History of the Vyatka Branch of the Emergency Commission on the Czechoslovak Front)
Pozdnyakova Anastasiya Sergeevna

PhD in History

Educator, the department of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, Kirov State Medical University  of the Healthcare Ministry of the Russian Federation

610027, Russia, Kirov, Karla Marksa Street 112
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Abstract. The article is focused on the study of one of the lesser-known Emergency Commissions of the Civil War period: the Cheka (the All-Russian Emergency Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage) on the Czechoslovak front. On the basis of previously unstudied documents from the State Archive of the Kirov Oblast, the State Archive of Socio-Political History of the Kirov Oblast and the State Archive of the Russian Federation, the author examined the conflict between the uyezd party workers and the chairman of the Vyatka branch of the Cheka at the Council of People's Commissars, revealed its causes and demonstrated the work of the local authorities. The article describes in detail the polemics of the Urzhum Bolsheviks on the issue of interacting with the emergency structure. In solving this study's research questions, the main approach used was the historical-typological method, and as auxiliary ones: the comparative-historical and the historical-systemic methods. The novelty of this research lies in the fact that the author introduces into scientific circulation previously unknown archival materials. One of the work's main conclusions is that the conflict between party workers and representatives of the Emergency Commission in the Urzhum Uyezd of the Vyatka Governorate was provoked, mainly, by a material factor.
Keywords: Red Terror, emergency justice, establishment of Soviet power, conflict, crime in office, Urzhum Uyezd, Civil War, Czechoslovak front, Emergency Commission, Vyatka Governorate
DOI: 10.7256/2454-0609.2017.6.24392
Article was received: 10-10-2017

Review date: 11-10-2017

Publish date: 23-01-2018

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here.

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